Rémi Brun has been working for over 20 years as a movement engineer (as others are sound engineers).  Rémi specialises in motion capture for 3D images and special effects for the film industry, as well as developing the technology further for scientific research. From being able to manipulate movement in all its shapes and forms, Rémi has come to see movement as a material of its own, independent from its matter, its shape, sound and colour. The artist brings life in the form of a body in one way or another through the movements he captures using Motion Capture. Through Rémi’s private projects, he is trying, on the contrary, to find ways to extract movement from the body matter.

Rémi creates sculptures that reflect the graceful movement of any living being, from animals through to human beings.  The movement has to be interesting, recognisable and dynamic.  This movement can range from the delicate and beautiful pirouette of a ballerina to the powerful sprint of a panther catching its prey. The range is vast.




Geneva Lux. Switzerland. Annual Permanent Sculpture. Nov-Jan 2018/19. L’homme qui marche face au vent

Vinterljus 2019, Sweden. 13-26th December 2019. Loopy Lou

Light Night Leeds, United Kingdom. 10-11th October 2019. Les Footballeurs

Bella Skyway Festival. Torun, Poland. 20-25th August 2019. Les Footballeurs, Loopy Lou

Jerusalem Light Festival.  Israel. 26th Juin – 4th July 2019. Les Footballeurs

i Light Singapore. Bridges of Time. 28th January – 24th February 2019. Les Footballeurs


Geneva Lux. Switzerland. Annual Permanent Sculpture. Nov-Jan 2018/19.  L’homme qui marche face au vent

Ghent Light Festival, Belgium. January/February 2018.  Les Footballeurs 


Hermès Shanghai Maison China. Christmas Lighting Project. Nov-Jan 2017/18.  The Galloping Horses

Lyon Festival of Light 2017. France. December 2017. Rugby Pass Path

Geneva Lux. Switzerland. Annual Permanent Sculpture. Nov-Jan 2017/18.  L’homme qui marche face au vent

Lighting Project VNDH, Moscow Russia, July 2017.  The Galloping Horse


Lyon Festival of Lights, France, December 2016.  Les Footballeurs

Staro Riga, Latvia, November 2016. Tranquille

Illuminating York, UK, October 2016. Loopy Lou

La Mercé Festival Barcelona, September 2016. Tranquille

Lux Helsinki, Jan 2016, Finland.  Loopy Lou 

Amsterdam Light Festival Jan 2016.  Tranquilles


Lyon Festival of Lights December 2015.  Cancelled, postponed to 2016

Amsterdam Light Festival Nov 2015.  Tranquilles

ART15 London Olympia represented by the Galerie Olivier Waltman.  Zarkava 

Paris Art Fair represented by the Galerie Olivier Waltman.  Zarkava 

Llum Barcelona 2015.  The Galloping Horse


Staro Riga 2014.  Loopy Lou


Kinetica Art Fair London.  The Galloping Horse, Scale 1


Siggraph Los Angeles Art Gallery.  The Galloping Horse, scale 1

For the permanent exhibition at the SH. Salman Al Fateh Fort – Riffa, Bahrein. The Galloping Horse, scale 1/4

Société Générale exhibit head offices La Défence, Paris.  The Swing Matters


Siggraph Asia Art Gallery.  The Galloping Horse ,scale 1

Musée des Arts et Métiers, European Night of Museums, Paris.  The Galloping Horse, scale 1

Futur en Seine at the CENTQUATRE in Paris. The Galloping Horse, scale 1

Gaïté lyrique Public Domaine Exhibition, Paris.  The Light Shifty Flip (sculpture of a skateboarder performing a trick, dim. : 5m x 3m x 1m)


Light Festival, Jerusalem.  The Galloping Horse,  scale 1

Staro Riga, Riga.  The Galloping Horse, scale 1, 1st prize voted by the general public


The passion of image, Samsung.  Zarkava (sculpture of Zarkava galloping, dim. : 1m x 0,5m x 0,3m)

Golf Exhibition, Paris.  The Swing Matters

Nuit Blanche, Paris.  The Galloping Horse,  scale 1

Fêtes des lumières, Lyon.  The Galloping Horse, scale 1

Futur en Seine, Paris.  The Swing Matters (a golfer’s swing, dim. : 1x1x0,5m)


Librairie du Cheval Eperon, Paris.  The Galloping Horse, scale 1/4

Equidia TV Channel, The Galloping Horse, scale 1/4

Galerie Zakouine Exhibition, Deauville.  The Galloping Horse, scale 1/4

TF1 French National News.  Zarkava

Cavadeos, Cavadeos TV.  The Galloping Horse, scale 1/4

Art Cheval, Saumur.  The Galloping Horse, scale 1/4 (prize from the general public and prize of the jury)